U.M.C. Missions

The United Methodist Church as a whole is involved in too many different areas of ministry to list on a single page.  The different types of missions range from building schools, advocating sustainable agriculture, and offering missionary training to responding to natural disasters, training missionaries, and working with the Muslim community to introduce Christ to them.South Sudan Mission Trip 2 262

Below you will find a sample of just what all the U.M.C. is involved in.  For a more in depth look at these ministries please visit one of the sites below for a more in depth look at the ministries offered through the United Methodist Church:South Sudan Mission Trip 2 349

Grace for Children South Sudan



  • Africa
    • Ishe Anesu Project, Zimbabwe
    • Africa 942623_389415994512051_310621447_nUniversity
    • Nothing But Nets, An effort to extinguish Malaria
  • Bolivia
    • Curamerica
  • India
    • Schools, Colleges, Hostel Buildings
  • Mexico
    • “Give Ye Them To Eat” Hunger Program
  • Estonia
    • Baltic Missions Center
    • Baltic Methodist Theological SeminarySouth Sudan Mission Trip 2 026
  • Paraguay
    • New Horizons School

United States

  • Appalachian Service Project
  • Appalachian Regional Ministries
  • Four Corners Native American Ministries, Shiprock, NM
  • Henderson Settlement, Frakes, Kentucky
  • Hinton Rural Life Center, Hayesville, NC
  • Red Bird Missions, Inc, Beverly, Kentucky
  • Society of St. Andrew Potato Project, Big Island, Virginia


  • Heifer Project, International
  • Heifer Project, Living Gift
  • Disaster Response, U.S.
  • Disaster Response, Around the World
  • World Hunger/Poverty